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The world needs new mobility concepts


Besides exciting new tech-possibilities, severe environmental problems have to be solved. The demand for mobility is exponential, yet resources are limited. The occurrence of an almost unlimited range of new inventions, applications, devices and regulatory standards leads to new businesses requiring instant solutions. Flexible and immediate solutions to interconnected technologies and smart processes should be based on eco-system.  


Our goal is to be the driver of this innovation: in contrast to traditional companies we are technology-independent and always strive for the optimized solution in terms of performance, resource minimalization and quality. We enable our customers to execute mobility projects mostly for promising niche applications with global business potential.


We understand energy supplying as a MaaS service model (Mobility as a Service) which offers their users multiple advantages. This rising demand for a sustainable and competitive business model plus innovative technology is what Greenbox meets with its solutions. 

The core of our mobility services are digital operating systems. That means, we can support the respective operator in conceptualizing and implementing the entire infrastructure (i.e. energy production plants, power supply connection, battery swapping stations, logistics) and adapting back-office services and backend software systems (such as operator apps, as payment and billing services) to the specific requirements as turnkey solutions for our customers. 


Products and Services



Greenbox MMP48 (Micro Mobility Platform) is a MaaS System for vehicle fleet management, payment processing, vehicle identification, vehicle navigation, energy management and other features. Greenbox is currently focusing on micro mobility concepts mostly for the developing countries which represent a huge potential and investment opportunity. In the IoT driven world even low-cost vehicles need reliable and durable high-end IT and communications systems and Greenbox is specialized in high quality yet affordable solutions developed, designed and implemented according to German quality standards.


Use Cases


The rickshaw is one of the most important and successful transportation vehicles in the developing countries. And it is making the next evolutionary step towards clean e-mobility with new areas of application, in particular waste management and last mile transportation. Together with our partners EVRun, Inbox Technologies in India and Constin Germany we are currently developing and rolling out our “Greenbox MMP” battery swapping eco system updating small 3-wheeler vehicles incl. a full sustainable energy supply chain, customized battery packs, energy management, charging stations and a fleet managing App starting in Rajasthan and then other regions in India. The technology incl. all components can easily be adapted to other territories and markets. Our system xPack™ standard with our unique and adaptable central User interface connects all participants from the driver to the battery station operator. Interested to learn more? The Greenbox MMP system is offering attractive investment and licensing opportunities. 

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