unusual connections for extraordinary results

smart city

we connect leading players in infrastructure and energy, to develop innovative smart city solutions

we target energy and infrastructure companies, cities and municipalities that have identified innovation needs in the areas of environmental protection,infrastructure, energy supply and digitalization

the greenbox concept

Success Factors

Close connection between technology research and product development
Close collaboration between established corporations and startups wholistic approach to work & life style

the greenbox Concept:

Our philosophy is to create a strong community based on three building blocks:
by enabling an international network of key players, providing a space that allows agile processes from ideation to development of full scale products and all this imbedded in a smart eco-system of shared services.

creating a greenbox in your city

We are growing fast and are aiming to build more “greenboxes”. Our goal is to create a strong global grid of active knowledge transfer between all our hubs.
Our approach is flexible, modular and scalable.

Our aim is to find the right entry point together with the local partners to create quick results as a basis for sustainable growth.
Key factor is always to learn, adapt and integrate into the local “culture”.

phase 1
2 – 3 weeks


• we dive into local networks
• identify the right players
• shape and define potential projects
• formats: workshops & sprints


• workshops in a flexible location for a creative ideation process

phase 2
2 – 6 months


• teambuilding for the project’s “early stage”
• feasibility-tests and prototyping
• formats: co-working & co-creation


• workshops in a flexible location for a creative ideation process

eco system

Basic infrastructure:
• IT, warehousing, mobility services
• smart offices, co-working supports

phase 3
6+ months


• specific development projects for MVPs, products & services, market launch and scaling.
• cross-linking with international innovators and partners for knowledge transfer and market adaption


eco system

• back office
• accounting & finance
• legal, taxes, subsidies
• design, PR, advertising, HR
• logistics, insurances, security

Support with an intelligent and integrated service:

• flexible, modular
• demand-oriented
• sustainable
• integration of international competence partners

greenbox case study
InfraLab Berlin

5 months active / 550 sqm of co-working & co-creation / 9 utility partners / 5 startups & projects / 11 nationalities / 110 events & workshops / over 750 international guests

1 space / 1 idea-hub / 1 growing network

greenbox team

Dr. Henning Heppner

Ryotaro Bordini Chikushi



contact us

Greenbox Global Holding GmbH
EUREF Campus, Haus 4-5
10829 Berlin

+49 (0)30 609837139