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Mobile energy

Whether it is Electric Energy or Green Hydrogen -  we are solving the famous chicken-and-egg problem of Emission free Mobility by making the Energy Infrastructure mobile. 


For that we developed our unique and patent pending Mobile Energy Packs that comprise of 5 containerized modules that are deployed by us to the locations where the Energy is needed: 

  • H2Pack: Storage of Green Hydrogen directly from the factory from 50Kg to 350Kg. 

  • AkkuPack: Energystorage from 100KWh up to 5MWh  

  • H2RefuelerPack: Integrated and Intelligent Compressor and H2 Filling station 

  • HyperchargerPack: Ultra-rapid Offgrid Charging in CCS up to 400 kW.  

  • H2GenPack: Mobile Fuel Cell powered Genset for Offgrid Electricity supply. 


These Mobile Energy Packs can be all combined for the specific use case. We deliver the to the point of use with our GreenBox Arrow vehicles and operate them for you for reliable, transparent  and cost effective Green Energy supply. 

  • A complete off grid solution. Green Energy from well to wheel 

  • Competitively priced from Day One  

  • Fast deployment within hours 

  • Demand driven expansion and easy scalability  

Contact us for a quote: 

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