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Smart H2E Hub


Our goal is to solve the problem of available Green Hydrogen where the vehicle needs it. Green Hydrogen is considered expensive. Huge Production Plants are currently being built or planned, but they are far away from the actual demand and won’t go into operation for some years. 

We invented an efficient way to use available electric energy from renewable sources such as Solar and Wind and convert them to green Hydrogen whenever it is supporting the path to a decarbonized economy. 

Our patent pending MFH25 Technology combines state of the art Electrolyzer Technology with the dynamics of Electric Energy Storage Systems. The output is Green - yet competitive - Hydrogen, Heat Energy and even Offgrid Electical Energy on Demand. 

Dedicated Onsite Systems are available starting at a daily demand of average 500Kg H2. Flexible Subscription models start at 50Kg per day.    


Products and Services

Smart urban co-creation hubs


As part of our property development strategy, Greenbox is specialized in turning temporary unused urban spaces into co-creation hubs. We create a value add for the property owner, establish an attractive work and living environment for the users and at the same time install sustainable, vivid stage one ecosystems into urban areas. Creating these high reputation hubs requires not only fundamental infrastructure planning, service and operation capabilities but also the ability to manage the communication with all stakeholders, a network to build true communities in a short time and the resources to pre-finance the first development phase. For all these requirements Greenbox is the first choice. Our unique approach combines the quick understanding of the specific opportunity and challenge, an international network of technology partners and the competence to implement forward thinking, sustainable and flexible Smart City solutions.       


Please contact us if you are an owner of a promising city location and you are looking for the right solution partner. We would be happy to understand your vision and to analyze the potential of your property.



We built InfraLab in Berlin on the EUREF Innovation Campus as a co-creation and tech development space for environmental and sustainable start-up projects for renowned German infrastructure companies: BVG, Vattenfall, Stromnetz Berlin, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Netzgesellschaft Berlin Brandenburg, BSR, GASAG. Since 2017 InfraLab successfully launched and supported various projects with big impact such as SirPlus or Klimamacher.



Water leakage in buildings is one of the biggest problems and affects millions of buildings worldwide. It can cause tremendous financial damage and represents a health and security threat. In this context the big incidents (like fully broken pipes with massive water leakage) are not the main issue, but small undetected longtime leaks in hidden or hard to access pipes. For years building owners and insurance companies are looking for reliable and affordable solutions to tackle the challenge.


We have developed an IoT sensor system named Waterminator that is able to detect minimal water leakages of pipes. The revolutionary sensor is a so-called non-invasive device, which means it simply needs to be attached onto the surface of existing pipes, without any installation work required. The signal is sent via a gateway (wifi router) to the cloud based data monitoring system. This real-time data is being analyzed for not expected water flow behavior. When periods of unnormal high water consumption or very low flow over extended time are detected, an alarm signal will be sent to the user or directly to specialized experts to check the water installation and fix the potential problem in time so that further damage can be avoided.


In addition, the Waterminator app shows useful information about the water consumption profiles and system data such as temperature.




Use Cases

Event production IEIC 2018

In 2018 Greenbox held the prestigious startup event IEIC 2018 (2nd Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition Shenzhen, China) on behalf of the Chinese government in Shenzhen with the aim to find high potential tech startups in Europe.


The competition categories included: internet & IT, electronic science & technology, biology and life science & technology, advanced manufacturing, material & energy (including conservation and environmental protection), internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and anti-cancer technology.


The event took place simoultanously in Berlin and Munich. In order to handle the required data needs for this project Greenbox created Greenbase a tech profiling and evaluation platform.


If you are thinking about outsourcing the production of your events in parts or entirely please contact us.  

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The possibilities of the Waterminator system are abundant: Multiple sensors can create a powerful monitoring system for multi-family dwellings and will be able to provide useful information about the overall building status and performance. Waterminator is a high potential investment opportunity and currently open for partners for the next investment round.

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